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New Years Resolutions for your RV

As we reflect on the year that is just ending and the new year to come we must not forget our RV. Many of our weekends and vacations were spent in our camper last year and we hope this coming year will see many if not more of the same. It is not too early to prepare for the upcoming camping season. Many of you live in warmer climates where the winter preparations are easier because the temperature does not do damage to your RV. Most of us live in colder climates where we must prepare our campers for sub freezing temperatures by adding products to our plumbing systems and coating our roof with sealant. Most of this has been done already by this time of year so we are now looking forward to and planning for the arrival of spring and warmer days.

Looking forward to warmer days should remind us to make a list of those items that we will need to fix or those special items that we wanted to add to our RV that will enhance our camping experience in the coming year. Do you ┬áneed to replace the battery in your coach or does your charging system need a tune up? Is there a blown fuse in you RVs electrical distribution box or does that slide out not work properly? Did you want to replace that shower head with a new one or that electrode in the water heater? Many of these things get forgotten during the long winter months but the new year is a great time to make a “resolution” and give your RV some attention. When we do our coach will give us many more weekends and vacations of fun in the coming year.

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