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Universal Corner Key 46-124 27/32″ x 11/64″



Universal Corner Key 46-124 27/32″ x 11/64″

Strybuc Industries is the leading wholesale distributor of quality window and door replacement hardware. Since 1982, we have been assisting customers with growing their businesses

With over 85,000 SKU’s in stock and the national distributor for many popular OEM window and door parts’ manufacturers, Strybuc Industries has what you need to complete your building restoration job, your customer’s property renovation, and/or home improvement projects.

For the millwork professional, we provide quality window and door replacement hardware along with most of the styles and finishes used by most window and door manufacturers in the industry. Strybuc Industries is the national distributor for virtually every OEM provider of hardware to window and door manufacturers including TruthHoppeAmesburyCaldwellAshlandRotoUnique,  SchlegelW&FG-UIntekWinkhaus, and a host of others.

As window and door manufacturers change suppliers, it becomes difficult for builders, contractors and homeowners to match their existing hardware.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
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