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Xantrex Heart Echo Charger 82-0123-01


Xantrex Echo Charger

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Xantrex Heart Echo Charger 82-0123-01

Xantrex Heart Echo Charger 82-0123-01 Owners Manual

Convenient Dual Battery Bank Charging

Xantrex Heart Charger 82-0123-01 is designed to charge auxiliary or starting batteries from an inverter/charger or other charging source with limited voltage drop. The Xantrex Heart Echo Charger 82-0123-01 detects when the house battery bank is being charged and directs a portion of the charge current to auxiliary or starting batteries. The maximum charger current offered by echocharge is limited to 15 amps.

Product Features
15 A maximum charge current
Automatically adjusts for 12 or 24 volt battery banks (both battery banks must be the same DC voltage and battery type)
Automatically switches on/off without affecting the in-house battery bank or over-charging
Utilizes excess current from the primary charging source
Built-in thermal and over-current circuits
Reverse polarity protection
Easy three wire installation


Additional information

Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 3.13 × 0.06 × 3.25 in

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