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Xantrex XPower Inverter 3000 813-3000-UL


Xantrex Inverter

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Xantrex XPower Inverter 3000 813-3000-UL


Xantrex XPower Inverter 3000 Owners Manual

Mobile Power for Trucks, RVs and Boats

  • Xantrex XPower Inverter 3000 813-3000-UL connect easily to 12 volt batteries to provide AC power for a variety of medium to heavy duty applications.
  • Designed for easy installation and operation, the XPower inverters provide a reliable source of power on board trucks, RVs and boats to run home appliances, consumer electronics, entertainment systems, power tools, office equipment and much more.
  • They are also suitable for small contractors who need to operate handheld power tools from their van or pick-up truck.
  • The powerful 5000-watt model has four GFCI outlets for multiple loads and an easy-to-read digital display for instant system information.
  • All models meet the stringent UL458 regulatory requirements.

Product Features:

  • Portable power for AC products: 1000, 1500, 3000 and 5000 watt models available
  • Two GFCI AC receptacles for connecting multiple loads
  • 5000-watt model: Four GFCI AC receptacles, each equipped with a 20-amp breaker
  • High surge capacity for products that require more power to start
  • High efficiency – converts virtually all the battery’s available power to AC
  • Mounting brackets for convenient installation
  • Heavy duty stud connectors
  • Remote on/off switch included

Protection Features:

  • Overload and over temperature shutdown
  • Over voltage protection (15.0 VDC)
  • Low voltage alarm (11.0 VDC)
  • Low voltage cut-out (10.5 VDC)

Product Applications:

  • Household Appliances: compact microwave ovens, bread makers, food processors, small bar refrigerators, small vacuum cleaners, fluorescent and incandescent lights, sewing machines and fans
  • Handheld Power Tools: drills, jigsaws, sanders and buffers
  • Entertainment Electronics: televisions, VCRs, video games, stereos, musical instruments and satellite equipment
  • Office Equipment: computers with 17″ monitors, facsimile machines

Electrical Specifications: Xantrex XPower Inverter 3000 813-3000-UL

  • Surge capacity (peak): 5000 watts
  • Max. continuous power: 2500 watts
  • AC output voltage: 115 VAC +/- 5%
  • AC output frequency: 60 Hz +/- 1 Hz
  • AC output waveform: Modified sine wave
  • Optimum efficiency: 90%
  • No load current draw: < 0.6 A DC
  • Input voltage range: 10.5 – 15.5 VDC

General Specifications:

  • Operating temperature range 32°F – 104°F / 0°C – 40 °C
  • AC receptacle: Two
  • Dimensions: 4.3″ H x 9.5″ W x 18.5″ L (109 x 240 x 468 mm)
  • Weight: 12.9 lbs (5.9 kg)

Warranty: 1 year

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 18.5 × 9.5 × 4.3 in

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